5 Underwear Styles to Feel Free down there

Many men’s underwear styles are fashionable enough but fail to be comfortable. To make you feel the luxury down there, many underwear brands crafts cozy underneath apparel that give a perception of going commando without compromising on your comfort. Listed below are some of the styles that serve as the dual purpose article. Read on to find out. 1. C-Strings The C-string underwear features a tiny c-shaped fabric that is meant to just envelope your genitals. The entire piece appears to be floating in the air, but the support comes from the back. Example - Good Devil C-strings 1. Fabric composition- 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex. 2. Occasions- Intimate affairs. 3. Construction- The C-string underwear features a tiny c-shaped fabric that is just enough to cover the basic essential of the wearer. The rear of the underneath article has a string like structure that slips comfortably in between the butt cheek.....[Read More]

Revamp your Wardrobe this Summer

Isn’t it difficult to survive the summer months at its peak? To help you, Intymen, the underwear brand, has got men’s underwear style that’ll keep you feeling cool and dry down there. The Intymen Cool-N-Dry Sexy briefs, one of their products, offers the apt pair with the support and sex appeal. This men's underwear features a mesh construction that allows a heavenly breath to your genitals. The structural pouch at the front results holds your manhood in such a way that results in an enhanced sex appeal. The strong waistband gives a solid support without any digging effect.The fabric composition comprises of 78% polyamide and 22% spandex, which can give you enough of stretchability.The ultimate comfort level allows you to don the pair entire day without wanting to adjust. Grab one of these at Be-Brief.com to wave good bye to sweat down there.

Less Knowledge about Underwear may Hurt you!

When you plan to buy a smartphone, you read a lot about it like the make, the storage, the camera and everything. When you care so much for a smartphone, then why not your underwear? They stay with you all day long and protect you from all the circumstances. So there is no harm in getting a little knowledge about them as well. Let us study about one such style called as The Good Devil Zoom Thong Sheer which is considered to be a must wardrobe staple. The above respective men’s underwear comprises of sheer fabric which acts like a soft feather on your waist. With such a smooth texture, you nearly get a feeling of going commando. Well, it does not compromise with your support either. This functional sheer underwear for men has a contoured pouch at the front to hold the genitals. The see-through appeal gives the glimpse....[Read More]

Why your Wardrobe should Include this Underwear Style?

The underwear brand Daddy is known for crafting stylish yet functional underneath apparels for men. One of their assortments called as The Daddy Slip Thongs for men is gaining a high popularity. The style is so sexy and appealing that you need to pinch yourself to check if it is an illusion. This men’s underwear has a contouring pouch at the front with a naughty peep-through space. This space can play a naughty role for your intimate affairs. It also help to fan away the sweat down there as it acts as a ventilator for your assets. The cozy fit pouch provides a bit of elevation to your genitals. The above thongs for men includes a little fabric at the back part covers your buttcrack. The fabric of this attire includes 85% nylon and 15% spandex. Grab one of these sexy pieces at Be-Brief, where you can find a huge....[Read More]

The Underwear Style for the Brunch Look

With the summers around the corner, all of us have plans lined up for the season. Brunch is one such occasion, where we all gather up for the friendly meet. Not only a friendly gathering, even when it comes to dating most of us will prefer a brunch date rather than a romantic dinner as it gives us a better space to know each other better. The worst thing that can happen is for you to show up dressed like you just picked up your dirty clothes from the day before. To help you better, below are some tips that you could follow. The warm picnic There’s nothing like planning out a warm picnic with your loved one or friends. So, what can you don for them? All of prefer a cozy and a breathable fabric like cotton for the warm climate. Try cotton thongs for men, as they will....[Read More]

Briefs: A Look Back

Men's Brief Underwear | Be-Brief.com
Men’s underwear has seen a vast evolution over the period of time. Earlier, it was just a loin cloth used by the tribal people, but now we have ample of designs, patterns and cuts. Below is a short flashback about how men’s briefs has made up its empire in the underwear industry. Read on to find out. 1935 - On 19 January 1935, Coopers Inc. marketed the world's first briefs in Chicago. It was crafted by an Arthur Kneibler, an apparel engineer. The respective underneath garment had a Y-shaped overlapping fly. 1950 - Till the 1950s, undergarments came in plain white colors which were not to be public. Later, it got promoted as a fashionable attire which came in more prints and colors. It was also experimented with rayon and newer fabrics like Dacron, nylon, and Spandex. Further, in 1960, the attire was printed in loud patterns, with messages, images....[Read More]

Get Glitzy with Sheer Underwear

Men's Sheer Underwear | Be-Brief.com
Wearing something skimpy and comfortable is a better alternative than going commando. To get the free feeling, try the Good Devil Zoom Carnival Bikini. This soft and stretchy men's underwear can effortlessly raise your sex appeal. The contouring design and vivid patterns of the label can bedeck every individual for the special occasion. Above is an image of the Good Devil Zoom Carnival Bikini. The breezy fabric of men's sheer underwear can add some life to your underwear closet. It provides a sneak-peak of something which is mysterious. Apart from being sexy, the underwear is functional as well. The pouch at the front keeps the junk in one place. On the other hand, the fascinating cuts at the back allows you to flaunt your butt cheeks. The sexy attire allows you to reveal your assets and explore your exotic side. The sexy sheer and crotch-less undies can easily match up....[Read More]

Men’s G-String: Breathe Well

Men's G-String Underwear | Be-Brief.com
Good Devil is one of the sensual labels that has an enormous collection of underneath apparels for men. Mostly they focus on the revealing factor but do not compromise on comfort either. The Good Devil Sheer Side G-Strings is one such men’s underwear style that lets your manhood to breathe and relax. It also works on increasing your sex appeal as well. The revealing piece is sure to leave your partner perplexed for the night. Above is an image of The Good Devil Sheer Side G-Strings. It highlights a pouch that is attached to the waistband. The fabric used here is sheer which allows a heavenly breath to your genitals. An Added advantage here is that you can also flaunt your assets with this skimpy cloth. Further, the construction of this men’s g-string carries a string from the below the pouch reaches the waistband at the back through the butt....[Read More]

Take a sneak peak into the Cover Male thongs

Men's Thong Underwear | Be-Brief.com
Who doesn't want to be dressed the best for date nights? These romantic nights can leave everlasting moments back in your heart. So, when it comes to dressing, the outer attire is fine, but what about the inner wear? Don't you want to drive your partner crazy by donning something sexy and skimpy? If you are looking for such an article then the Cover Male Passionate Slipt Thong is your piece of cake. The above is a picture of The Cover Male Passionate Slip Thong that suits best for romantic evenings. It highlights a bikini like coverage in the front, while the back part is sure to receive naughty compliments. The pouch of this men’s underwear holds the manhood at the front to keep it centered. The extended fabric turns into stripes from the sides to make the back revealing and erotic. The fabric is a fusion of 85.29% Polyamide....[Read More]

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for DA Bikini’s

Men's Bikini Underwear | Be-Brief.com
Daniel Alexander, the underwear brand is known for crafting sexy men's underwear. Bikini’s, one of their styles, has won the hearts of the male population. So, what so special about this style of underneath garment that has made it so famous? The vibrant prints and colors are what driving the men crazy for it. They come in stylish prints that are trending for the upcoming summer season. One such product is the Daniel Alexander Explosion Slip bikini Print. This Men’s bikini is made up of a vibrant print that includes a fusion of different colors. This respective underwear has a structural pouch at the front to hold your manhood. The fabric extends at the back covering most of your assets. Flaunt these colorful bikini’s at pool parties and beaches and see the eyes revolving around you. The fabric composition is a blend of 91% Polyester 9% Elastane which ensures the....[Read More]

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