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Cock Stuffing Extreme Penis Plug
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Cock Stuffing Extreme Penis Plug

Item #: 8411
Price: $99.00

Product Description

Cock Stuffing Extreme Penis Plug 8411 Perverted or awesome? The jury is still out! Our opinion, however, is clear: it's perverted AND it's awesome!

The innovative penis plug for cock-stuffing fans is made from a tried and tested stainless steel alloy that is also used in medical technology.

Manufactured using a high-precision CNC technique, the cock-stuffing penis plug has a total length of 75 mm (3 inch), approx. 55 mm (2 1/5 inch) of which can be inserted into the penis. Thanks to its well-designed form, it is very easy to insert and remains securely in place.

The penis plug begins with a narrow diameter of 6 mm (1/4 inch), increasing conically to 11.5 mm (1/2 inch) and decreasing to 5.5 mm (1/4 inch) again.

This ensures that the penis plug sits securely and won't fall out. We have equipped our penis plug with a hole all the way though, allowing for games like “cum control” or “piss control.”

A handsome 18 mm (¾ inch) stainless steel bead gives the penis plug a gorgeous look (think Prince Albert) and makes sure the plug doesn't disappear in the penis.

Note: Experienced customers tell us how hot is to wear the penis plug during fucking. A mind blowing experience for top and bottom. However, Be-Brief does not recommend this practice.

Important remark: Hygiene is important. Please use our disinfectant spray „VERYCLEAN“ (item no. 8305) to thoroughly disinfect hands and any products to be inserted. Follow instructions for use. For insertion, please use only our lubricant „VERYDEEP“ (item no. 8306), as it was developed especially for this purpose.