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When you are looking for options to cover up your intimate area, what is the first thing you do? Do you analyze your needs and then look for a website/store that would have it for you or vice versa? We, at Be-brief, try to give affordable solutions in your intimate wear to make sure that you to go for a makeover below the belt. Men’s c-string underwear is the most revolutionary, sexiest and skimpiest intimate apparel style available at the online store.

C-string or C-rings were initially used by females in order to remove the visible underwear line from their attire. However, with it started serving the same function in men’s clothing. This is, in fact, one of the most unique and creative approach to covering the male anatomy. If you go by the looks, you’ll find that the respective fashion underwear looks like the letter ‘C’ with one end having the pouch, the other end is just the string that tucks between the butt crack to hold its place. The entire piece appears to be floating in the air, but the support comes from the back. The rear of the underneath article has a string like structure that slips comfortably in between the butt cheek. The revealing style is extremely exotic and leaves your partner perplexed. On the other hand, the tricky back keeps the entire thing in place and under control.

Be-brief offers the products of all the best brands of the industry namely Cover Male, Agacio, Intymen, Daddy Underwear, Calvin Klein, Daniel Alexander and many others. However, Good Devil, one of the most exotic label, has mastered the art of creating sensual c-string underwear for men. You can flaunt the best of your with the alluring patterns and enticing color combinations of the brand. Men’s underwear style has a lot more than what meets the eye. The entire assortment at the online store is sexy, erotic and high on fashion.

C- String underwear is not for the timid or shy. The extra skin show is of the sexy skivvy style is for the brave hearted men, who can confidently carry it. Despite covering the bare essentials, it leaves a lot of opportunities to flaunt your well-chiseled physique.  If you take a look at the style, you’d find that even women have something like this and the wearers are going crazy because of the minimal fabric and absolutely functional use. The only condition is - having them with tight pants would be a feasible idea but if you go for looser options, you might end up trying to hold on to its place. The self-supportive pouch holds the manhood like a fish net while, the headband structure sticks to the assets till the rear end. They are good to be paired up with tight trousers and jeans so that the underwear lines are not visible. At the same time, the c-string keeps the male anatomy in an elevated position and away from the legs. Researchers say that keeping the manhood in between the legs reduces sperm counts and increases sweating in the privates. Hence, this apparel style gets you rid of both the problems, thus, reduces the chances of chafing and rashes as well.

Good Devil c-string underwear has a varied opinion by the wearers and the audience/lookers. Some find it a bit tacky and uncomfortable whereas; the others believe it to be radical and very functional. Hence, if you want to believe it yourself; you have to slip into one for that. Just meant for special purposes like parties or outings, you can even use it to surprise your partner by wearing these on the date night.

Moreover, the undergarment is crafted in fabric like nylon, cotton, polyester and others along with spandex. The soft fabric feels cozy against the privates and the strapless designs effortlessly slips in any of your outfits. The one fit all size of the underwear provides a snug fit and easily takes the shape of your manhood.

Where can you wear you the C-string for men

The novelty underwear is for the special occasion. These skivvy styles are very comfortable, but not in the beginning. Hence, avoid wearing them at the workplace, if you are a beginner. However, once you get used to the skimpiest garment available in the market, you can pamper yourself, no matter the occasion and event. The underneath articles are as good as wearing nothing down there, so, you can even don them at times when you feel like going commandos.

The assortment at Be-Brief has varied color options as well as designs that are attention-grabbing. You can get your products in varied patterns as well as in solid colors. Some of the designs available in the category are the White Leopard print, Leopard print, Lace C-string in red and white, as well as solid color options. The lace fabric adds, even more, appeal to the already revealing apparel. Made from the luxurious fabric amalgamation, the products keep a comfortable grip on the manhood. The open construction makes sure that it is breathable and comfortable in the privates. Update your wardrobe with the outrageously revolutionary designs of these undies and channelize your wild fantasies.

You can check out the collection of the erotic and sensuous collection of men’s c-string underwear at

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