Leisure Underwear – Winter Edition 2017

leisure underwear brands for you
I have a pretty long line of leisure wear because that’s exactly what I do and I love to keep it comfortable down there. It can range anything from being spacious and roomy to an absolute skimpy pair that reveals every inch of your skin. Talking about the leisure, you should be focusing on the fabric compositions that you’re planning to pick. Being the new thing to you, there’s literally nothing new about it. All you got to do is - look at the men’s underwear brands which offer you pieces that fit your personality & definition and pick them up for yourself. Being specific about winter, the following brands know how to raise the level of heat effortlessly. This blog talks about the brands that offer you leisure fashion underwear for all your needs. 1. Intymen: This is one of the most affordable designer underwear which makes sure that....[Read More]

Does Sheer Underwear motivate? – Aspects to ponder over

Does Sheer UnDoes Sheer Underwear motivate? - Aspects to ponder overderwear motivate? - Aspects to ponder over
Most of us are not familiar with the fact that some men desire to own sexy lingerie just like women. If you take notice of the men’s underwear, you’d find that the industry has undergone a transformation by adding so many new fashion underwear styles in the inventory. One of the many styles that have picked up the pace in the recent time is see through underwear. Did you know that the majority of men don’t opt for sheer fabric because they feel that they aren’t supportive enough? I would just say that probably they haven’t seen the offerings by the brands that offer complimentary support with every possible style. Moreover, they haven’t even seen the collection of men’s briefs or boxer briefs underwear made of the same fabric. Likewise, men also believe that sheer doesn’t motivate. Hence, we’ve brought you practical aspects that you should ponder over when it....[Read More]

How to make your Thong last long?

How to make your Thong last long?
Don’t we all want our favorite things to last long? We want them to stay probably...forever with us. It takes a big deal to save our favorite clothes from wearing and tearing because we wear them so often (because we love them) which leads them to the state where they wear off eventually. So, do we stop wearing them? - You might say. No, there are other solutions to this problem as well. Talking specifically about men’s thong (your favorite), it is quite essential for you to take care of it as it already is too skimpy by the construction. So, there are some fashion hacks that can help you on this front and that’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this blog. Treat them as you want them to treat you The thumb rule to take care of anything including your men’s underwear would be giving them the treatment....[Read More]

What to wear Jockstraps with?

What to wear Jockstraps with
If you have a clearer look, you’d see that there are not a lot of men who wear men’s jockstraps on a regular basis. After all, the men’s underwear style was designed for a specific purpose and it has been serving that quite well. Moreover, it has become a pleasing style too when it comes to providing the heightened fashion quotient to the wearer. At the end of the day, the basic question remains the same - what should you wear jocks with? What do you wear with the style with? See if your option is mentioned below. 1. Regular jeans: You know what regular pair jeans look like. It can be anything from the straight fit to the baggy fit. Jockstraps would be the perfect companion for your regular pair of jeans because the butts will look rounder because of the leg bands as well as the pouch will....[Read More]

Thinking Lace? – Joe Snyder Lace Underwear is your best betz

Thinking Lace? - Joe Snyder Lace Underwear is your best betz
Have you ever desired to have lace underwear for men with a bulkier coverage option? Well, if you do, Be-Brief is your one-stop destination where you’ll find the men’s underwear styles crafted in the luxurious fabric for the support and comfort of your assets. Joe Snyder Underwear is one of the most reputed names when it comes to sexy underwear at the store. The Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer White Lace is a clean, hot and sexy style that offers a short construction below the belt and is just too irresistible to handle. Made of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex, the brand provides the best of the stretch, comfort, and luxuriously see-through texture. Do you think sheer underwear is supportive or not? Well, this particular pair definitely supports you below the belt. In terms of construction, you’d find the pair with bright hues but with solid colors and similar coverage. The....[Read More]

Put your manhood front and forward with Edipous G-string

Put your manhood front and forward with Edipous G-string
If you have ever tried Edipous Underwear, you know how it feels to have that luxurious fabric below the belt with the supportive design. At Be-Brief, you’d find the gamut of men’s underwear styles offered by the brand and they are just the right choice for a man who wants to feel like a Greek God. Though the online store has multitudes of men’s g-strings but Edipous is definitely a must-have all who love their masculinity. The Edipous Essential Structure G-String is a must-have for all the support lovers and those who like to keep it sexy. The brand is popular for the anatomical pouches, this pair in specific has a contoured cylindrical-shaped front that gives your manhood a lengthier appeal and a protruded bulge. Coming to the other features of the fashion underwear one by one, the thick waistband holds its position for the best feeling of comfort and....[Read More]

6 ways to have the Best Halloween this year

6 ways to have the Best Halloween this year
Practically, you’re too old for going around asking for treats with your bunch of friends to houses. Felt bad that the candies won’t be yours now?? Get over the feeling cause now you’re at a place where wearing mens costumes would not be a problem for you. Feeling better?? Now you are eligible to actually get that spooky look on and head for a Halloween party that you’ve been impatiently waiting for. What else can you do?? We have compiled a list of 7 ways that will make sure that your Halloween 2017 is the best of all times. Don’t host a Halloween party - attend one You know the drill when you host a party at your place. You make the preparations, you stress out, you don’t get to have all the fun because you’re making sure that guests are having a good time and so much more. Rather....[Read More]

Thinking see-through underwear? – Is it sexy cum supportive?

Thinking see-through underwear?
Do you ever see yourself wearing something ultimate sexy? What counts to be sexy for you? Will it be the sexy thong underwear for men or something more in terms of fabrics like cheeky pieces? Well, you should also consider (like a lot of men) men’s see through underwear for the undeniable hotness with the support that you get from the other styles. Support?? What did you just say?? You mean to say that the delicate fabric holds and lifts the manhood as well? Actually yes!! The exotic underwear style is available in such a varied number that you should choose something that serves both the purposes too well. Let us take a look at the different questions that offer you an insight into the fragile fabric. Is sheer comfortable? The very first question that the majority of men think about when it comes to picking men’s sexy underwear is....[Read More]

Redefine masculinity – wear a G-string

Redefine masculinity - wear a G-string
“You will treat my underwear with the reverence it deserves. Next time, you will stop and appreciate -- hell, you'll marvel at the miracle of my ass clad in silk.” I was having a conversation with my best buddy about men’s underwear (that’s what we talk about a lot) because of two reasons - I am a fashion blogger who specializes in this genre and secondly, we’re guys..hehe. We were talking about why men should actually get past their conventional style for once and try something like g-string for men. There are some undeniable facts about the apparel style which is hard to ignore and some of them are absolutely in your favor. But it is equally irritating when you wear it for the first and you constantly have to reach out and pull out the fabric from the butt crack. Did I just say that out LOUD?? Oops, I....[Read More]

Experience the unexpected with Secret Male Sheer Underwear

Experience the unexpected with Secret Male Sheer Underwear
Time and again Secret Male Underwear is proving itself to be one of the most loved men’s underwear brands. With every new collection, men are falling in love with their own skin without being too pushy about their intimate wear. The most probable reasons for the same would be the feeling that the label is providing and also the comfort down there. The collection of men’s sheer underwear at Be-Brief bears a big chunk to the Secret Male. The Secret Male Bikini is what has been making people uncomfortable if they don’t have it. The looks, style, feeling and the support is what every male anatomy needs for their manhood. The erotic underwear style makes sure that your assets are revealed - one way or the other, the skin should be seen. With sheer, lace and open fabric, this has to be the tastiest serving that you’ll serve your fetish....[Read More]