Look Outstanding With Candyman Jockstrap

Candyman has always been working on the playful instincts of man and his need to express himself better. The collection of men’s underwear by the brand is unique and innovative and so is the approach towards the masculinity. The Candyman Double Lace Jockstrap is one of the pairs that defines your manhood and reveals the rear with full on hotness.

Candyman Jockstrap | Be-BriefThe lace underwear style features an amalgamation of stretchy lace attached to thick piping that goes around the legs for a comfy feeling. The leather-like pouch is what holds the manhood in place and does not promote movement. The contrast, shiny waistband holds a strong grip on the body keeping the pair from moving and preventing the adjustment-free feeling. The crisscross piping pattern on the sides adds to the support of the masculine pair.

With 91% polyester and 9% elastane, you needn’t worry about the durability of the pair and support to the manhood. Ample stretch comes complimentary with the spandex ratio.

So, if you are wanting to flaunt your manhood in a better and fashionable way without losing the thrust in the front, this jockstrap underwear is a must-have for you. Check it out at be-brief.com.

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