Men’s Thong: How to Get it Right?

Men's Thong: How to Get it Right?

Men’s thong underwear has a unique construction that rides high (in some cases) on the hips while leaving the bottom exposed. However, they do not compromise on comfort as the fabric composition incorporated in them ensures to stay soft on the skin. Many people opt for the style but, they end up complaining that the article rides in between the butt cracks which need an adjustment when they come back to the original position. Calling all such people who have a difficulty in selecting the outfit, this blog lists out steps to pick out the right one. Further more, it will also contain the types and the features of the same. Read on to know more.

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Steps to get the right one

  1. Choose your style

    Ensure to get the right one according to your preference. The assortment differs depending on cuts, fabrics, enhancing techniques and so on. Intimacy ones are different while the functional ones are meant for grabbing a good front profile. So, decide the type that you want. Scroll on to know the different styles of the same.

  2. Keep an eye on the fabric

    Comfort is determined by fabric. The more they stay soft on the skin, the more comfortable the wearer feels. Ensure to single out a cozy material like cotton, nylon, sheer, lace or mesh. Also, make sure they include a blend of spandex or LYCRA that assures stretchability of the attire.

  3. Grab a notepad to note down the size

    Size can be an issue with online shopping, as you don’t get the feel or touch of the products. Note down the size of your waist and genitals and then single out the outfit accordingly. Sometimes, the regular size can be a little tight on your waist due to the skimpiness. In such cases, you can opt for the next size.

Types of thongs

There are various varieties of the above men’s underwear that are available at many stores like Some of them are as listed below

  1. Conventional Thongs

    Conventional’s includes ample coverage, sex appeal, support, and luxurious texture. In terms of construction, the structural pouch at the front elongates with the manhood to provide extra room for the shaft. They keep the manhood away from the body for the no-chafing experience. The waistband’s support is unmatched.                                                                          Agacio Slip Thong Navy

  2. G-strings

    G-strings are one of the sensuous ways to go minimal with any kind of outfits. Skimpy, revealing and erotic are the best words that can describe them. Originally worn by exotic dancers, has now gained enormous popularity among the men due to its sexy appeal.                                     

  3. Cheeky Thongs

    Some of the above styles include a cheeky cut at the back that allows you to flaunt the butt cheeks. This also makes the butts look rounder and plumper.   Daniel Alexander Oceano Slip Thong Red/Navy

  4. Micro Thongs

    These come under the exotic underwear category that features a back just like the conventional thongs while the front structure and the cuts can be skimpier than the former ones.   Good Devil Zoom Thong Royal Blue

  5. T-back

    T-back has a V-shaped pouch to cover the privates. A string passes between the legs and attaches to the waistband at the back.

  6. C-string

    Men’s C-string is the most daring of all the above. The structure is like a headband that tucks in between the butt crack without any support. The pouch at the front is like a funnel that envelopes the manhood and leaves the rest to the imagination.   Good Devil C-String Leopard

  7. Tanga

    Tanga, also known as Brazilian cut, rides low on the waist which ensures to cover more flesh on both the sides. The cuts on the sides are extremely high that adds to the sexiness.


  1. Highly comfortable

    The fabric incorporated in the construction ensures a blend of spandex or LYCRA that results in maximum stretchability and comfort down there.

  2. Enhances sex appeal

    Some of them also include pouch enhancing options, that results in an impressive front profile.

  3. Exposed rear

    The back construction leaves nothing to the imagination that can spice up the intimate occasions.

  4. No underwear lines

    The skimpy structure also hides the protruding underwear lines that can put an end to the embarrassment.

  5. Tantalizing and tempting

    A Perfect date night apparel which can raise the temperature of the hot affairs effortlessly. These are very appealing to the eyes that can leave your partner perplexed for the rest of the night.

  6. Supportive (not always)

    Not all of them are supportive but, some of them are also built for daily uses that provide the right comfort to the genitals down there.

Above are some of the simple steps to get the right attire for yourself. If you feel that something has been missed then, please leave your comments on the section below.

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