Wanna breeze into Summer? Follow these styling tips

Breeze Into Summer In Style

Summer is the time when the mercury reaches its extreme limits. When the hair gets lighter and the skin gets darker, life surely gets better. This is one season that brings in a lot of memories to cherish. It is very rightly said, “The tan will fade, but the memories will last forever”. Right from the water adventures to sunbathing, the reasons of joy in this season is ample.

Not only this, Summer is accompanied by new fashion trends as well. As the temperature reaches its peak, guys turn off their style sense to stay cool. Wanting comfort should not be an excuse for looking shabby. Just a bit of effort can help you beat the heat in style. Are you finding it hard to stay on-trend without compromising comfort? Here are some tips that might come in handy in the scorching sun.

1. Shave your body hair

This is one of the first things that you need to do as the sun becomes troublesome. Removing the unwanted forest is not just important to keep the sweat away from your body, but it’s an important aspect. The body hair, especially in the parts of the body that are prone to sweat secretion such as chest, shaft and armpits lead to moisture retention. This ultimately leads to germ attack as well as body odor. No matter what you wear and how much energy you invest in the getting ready, it’ll be in vain you smell bad. So, before you gear yourself with any other styling tip, make sure that you get rid of this prominent problem.

2. Summer formal

Summer's Style

It is tricky to strike the right and comfy combination of formal wear. There’s honestly no way to tame sweating in the heat. At the same time, you just can’t don a casual appearance at your workplace. This is where the role of fabric comes into play. Check the material before you with the style. Cotton, rayon, nylon and linen are perfect options.

Other than this, the color of the outfit plays an equally important role. Go for light shades such as white, gray, green, pink, and others. The stripe and check patterns are ideal options. It can stylize your looks even without the bold and alpha-masculine shades.

The suit is optional during this season, but it’s inevitable at occasions like client meeting or presentation. The lightweight linen is a classic choice for these situations. The sleek suits are stylish and keep you airy even in the layers

3. Upgrade the t-shirt

Man In T-Shirt

For the casual occasions, the choices are ample. Still, you fail to make an edgy statement at times. ‘The baggy tees can make you look and feel cool’ is an old-school thought. Wear a fitted t-shirt, however, it should not be very tight. The sleeve should start at the edge of your shoulder. The fabric should sit on your skin instead of hugging you snugly.

The polo shirts are an evergreen option for guys. However, the tees with quotes appear immature. You can instead go for the stripe patterns.

The t-shirts with v-neck look stylish, but the neckline should not be very deep. Sophistication is the next style quotient for men. So, keep it simple and sleek.

4. Check the bottoms
Man In Stylish Bottoms

When it comes to the bottoms for this season, the very first thing that comes to mind is ‘shorts’. This is an easy choice, but requires a bit of consideration. The shorts should not be too short unless you are sunbathing at the beach in your swim briefs. The ones that end just knees is ideal. Get it tailored properly. Avoid wearing the baggy shorts and the ones that have multiple pockets like cargo pants.

Even in the formal wear, you need to consider the fitting and length. The length of the trouser should end just above your shoes. Make sure that you consider the fabric before buying as the color of the pants has to be dark.

Along with the outer garments, the style of men’s underwear is equally important. Try the skimpy cuts of men’s thong or even men’s g-string underwear. It will keep you airy and cozy. Moreover, these apparel do not have any underwear line, so, it can be paired with any trouser or shorts.

5. Give your looks a finishing touch

Man In Summers Style

Since the attire is not very dressy or bright, you’ll have to accessorize it properly. Wear the right and clean pair of footwear. It should be according to the occasion. Oxford shoes for the formal events and sneakers or even flip-flops for the casual events are ideal. A timeless wristwatch can effortlessly boost your machismo.

Were these points helpful? Share your Summer hacks in the comments below.

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