Men's Skimpy Underwear

Men’s underwear is the most indispensable and essential piece of men’s clothing. Worn ever since the ancient times, the vital article has changed ever since it was first introduced according to the needs and wants of the male population. Be-Brief was made available in the year 2006 for the modern men and has been providing them with their basic need of intimate wear.

Underwear Styles for Men at Be-Brief

As the times have changed, so have the variety of men’s underwear styles and their varieties. Just like men, their choices also have undergone a revolution in comparison to the beginning of time. You can find a plethora of apparel styles at the men’s underwear that matches your personality and likes. Whether you are sophisticated or outrageous, the guy next door or an adventurer; there’s something for everyone at Be-Brief.

Briefs: Considered as the most traditional, men’s brief underwear is one category that has evolved the most. Whether it is high rise, mid rise or low rise briefs, time has changed the conventional tighty whiteys into what they are today. With the snug fit on the package, briefs provide ample coverage on both, front as well as rear and are available a huge number of cuts, beyond one’s imagination. Search for your favorite brands from Agacio, Intymen, Clever and more.

Boxer Shorts: Men’s boxer shorts are for guys who are confident, laid back, relaxed and who play it cool. Generally in a loose construction gathered together with the waistband, boxer shorts keep you free down there. To keep you feeling covered, breathable and free; boxer shorts are just right choice. Brands like Agacio, Calvin Klein and more offer boxer shorts that are body conforming, while Daniel Alexander, Cover Male and 2xist present loose boxer shorts.

Boxer Briefs: Introduced to men for the best of support and comfort, men’s boxer brief underwear is a delectable combination of two classic styles- briefs and boxer shorts. Providing the best of both the worlds, boxer briefs vary in terms of coverage (from short trunk-like boxer briefs to knee-length ones) and cuts. Meant for the active you, the support and comfort by the style are commendable. Xtremen, Otzi, Agacio, Mensuas, Obviously and many more are there at Be-Brief for you easy choosing.

Bikinis: With a little less fabric than the briefs, men’s bikini underwear are for men who love to show off their skin without compromising with the support and thrust to the manhood. The respective style leaves something to the imagination with the high cuts on the sides and even the rear. Bikinis are more revealing and appealing than briefs by looks. The style often offers the option of a low-rise or mid-rise waistline without featuring a visible waistband. They are available in every promising color and cuts, keeping up with the trend and are very popular as a swimwear style too. Check out brands like Cover Male, Joe Snyder, Good Devil, JOR and more for the best options.

Jockstraps: Created for the bicycle jockeys, men’s jockstrap underwear was always meant for the sporty purposes. With a functional cup pouch and elastic bands going below the butts for extra support; the basic motive of this style is to protect the privates and give ample support and comfort. A few years back, fashionable jockstraps were also introduced for everyday wear and were made with see through fabrics and lacy designs. Though the stylish conventional style will always offer the ultimate in game-day support, but you can command attention with racy styles, sensual details and body-hugging fabrics. Miami Jock, WildmanT, PPU, Otzi, Intymen, Candyman and more are there to serve the best of both interests. Are you planning to be sporty or just fashionable?

Thongs: If you look back in the history, men’s thong underwear is considered as the predecessor of loincloth and were worn by men back then. Men thong is a supportive (optional) underclothing style that is minimal, revealing and very sensuous. The comfort level provided by the respective style is exemplary and the coverage further segregates the varieties of the same. Our catalog has multiple numbers of products ranging in terms of pouch coverage. The pouch is either crafted to protrude the bulge and provide the needed support or, build up the heat between you and your partner. They are extremely soft, lightweight and extremely sexy. Good Devil, Joe Snyder, Cover Male, Miami Jock, Pikante and many other brands are available at the online store.

G-String: Branched out of the conventional thongs, men’s g-string underwear is perfect for men who believe the sky is the limit for sexiness. Intentionally made for no support, the style is high on visibility and covers what needs to be covered. A super-thin waistband and string-like rear coverage, the pouch is what can be called as the fabric in the style. Made out of sheer or mesh fabric, you needs the right occasion and moment to wear these on. Some brands to look up to are Daniel Alexander, Good Devil, JOR, Cover Male and more.

C-Strings: The most revolutionary article of men’s underwear is c-string underwear for men. Skimpy, enticing and functional are the characteristic traits that best describe them. They cover your crotch on the front and a thin string keeps a steady grip on the rear. They can be teamed up with tight denims and pants for no visibility of lines. The range of C-strings at Be-Brief offered by Good Devil is vast, naughty, and erotic.

Hence, whether you’re looking for something traditional with modern prints and patterns or a pair that reveals your personality, you’ll find everything under one roof at Be-Brief.

How to shop at Be-Brief?

We, at Be-Brief, constantly work in order to provide you with a better experience of shopping your favorite men’s underwear and swimwear styles. The online stores provide the most authentic collection of apparel styles, functional filters, easy payment options and timely delivery are an integral part of the process. Your one stop shop destination promises to give you a better experience every time you visit the store for something new.

The very thing that you must do is to log in (if you are an old customer) or register your account so that you become eligible to stay updated with all the new things like new products and weekly sales happening at the store. The details that you fill in will allow the customer support team to provide a flawless delivery service as well.

Now, you have the option of selecting the category from which you want to buy products from or you can even click on ‘Home’ to see what new is cooking on the store. Now jump on the product page and use the multiple filters available on the same. You can choose from the variety of sizes, brands, categories, price options and colors available in the filters or you can type in your product name that you are looking for and reach on the exact product.

Check out the various products and their sizes to be specific and accurate while buying your pair. Select the size from the box provided next to the product and select the one that would fit you. You also can change the number of pieces that you would like to order for yourself and add them to your cart.

Check your shopping cart and place your order. Add more products or delete extra ones or even change the size and color options at this stage because you won’t get the opportunity to do after this page. You can change your shipping/delivery address on this page and fill in the address that you desire your package to arrive at. Choose from the shipping methods available at the store in accordance with your budget as well how fast you want your order to arrive. Finally, make the payment using the various payment methods that Be-Brief features.

Once you’re done, easily sit back and wait for your order to reach to you in a discreet packing that will make sure that no one else knows what you’ve ordered.

Shopping at the online store doesn’t limit you to choose from a specific number of brands, it gives you an ocean of opportunities in terms of brands, styles, sizes, fabrics, cuts, designs, pouch options and many more aspects. We, at Be-Brief, take care of everything from the time you log in to your account till there’s a smile on your face by looking at the parcel you’ve got. You can shop with us without any ifs and buts, as well as drop in all your complaints, questions, and suggestions at our Helpdesk for assistance.

For Every Occasion: Shop Men’s Underwear Online At Be-Brief

The right pair of men’s underwear inside the pants can actually make the right impression on the outside by showing off the protruded bulge down there for the necessary attention. brings the best collection of undergarment styles from all the popular labels available in the industry. Choose the ones that match your persona, style and obviously the occasion for which you are looking forward to. There is no doubt about the fact that you must be prepared or ready for the occasion with the authentic, fitted, comfortable and stylish fashion underwear styles. Find out our new arrival’s collection of products that are a great companion for every situation and time to bring out your style quotient to the surface. Not limiting the collection for everyday wear, you can find something for every time you need something different.

Did you read somewhere that the pair you wore to work last week can be worn for your romantic evening that you have planned for your partner? Well, it’s hard to break to you, but you surely shouldn’t wear regular pieces to special occasions. Why would someone buy different pairs for different occasions, you might ask? Well, when you have such a huge collection of the variety of styles different in shape, cuts, sizes, holds, pouch options and designs; it is obvious that they’re made to be tried for the variety of events you have. Men can now flaunt their sex appeal- thanks to their designer, enhancing underwear styles available at Be-Brief. You just have to wear the right pair in your correct outfit to level up your style.

To make sure that your underneath fashion articles to make an impressive appeal, it is imperative that you pick up the correct size and cuts for the right fit, function as well as sex appeal on your body shape. You have the options to choose from high Brazilian cuts to conventional cuts on, smooth textured to lace underwear that is soft to touch, contouring pouch options, anatomical pouches, the ones with hidden c-rings, cut-out pouches or even open fronts that leave the assets bare in the open while covering the rest. There are a plethora of options if you consider the occasions and events you have in queue. Go for the right fit if you aim at feeling best down there in your skivvies. Choose the pairs that add confidence by revealing your assets or the ones that add to the support to fade away the Monday blues.

You’ll find the best pieces for the occasions such as hanging out with friends at the disco or even when you are relaxing at home in boxers. The pajama-themed night outs at close friend’s place or your board meetings at work, you’ll find something that matches all the rhymes and reasons that you have. Be-Brief puts forwards the collection which meets all your needs and wants.

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